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Bulger Boss

By Howie Carr

If Whitey dies before we find his blood money, he wins.

This is the last unfinished chapter in the sordid tale of the Bulgers. Where is Whitey’s dough? So far, they’ve found four of his safe-deposit boxes — in Montreal, Clearwater, London and Dublin — so how many more do you figure there are out there?

The feds discovered $822,000 cash in his Santa Monica love nest. How much more cash do you suppose is out there?

This is all about money. Judge Denise J. Casper got it. This is what she said to the multimillionaire mass murderer in court yesterday before sentencing him:

“At base, the motivation for your entire criminal enterprise was money … Your crimes, in my estimation, are made all the more hein­ous because they were all about money.”

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