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Nicodemo “Junior’’ Scarfo


It was a hostile corporate takeover — Mafia-style.

The son of jailed former Lucchese boss Nicodemo “Little Nicky’’ Scarfo used the trusted mob technique of extortion to gain control of a cash-rich mortgage company — and then loot it for millions, according to federal prosecutors in New Jersey.

“The [mob’s] criminal activities have evolved from the back alleys to the boardrooms,” said Michael Ward, FBI agent-in-charge in Newark, said of the stunning scheme.

Nicodemo “Junior’’ Scarfo, 46, and 12 others, including an accountant and five lawyers — one, David Adler, from tony Chappaqua, NY — were nailed in the scheme involving Irving, Texas-based FirstPlus Financial Group, authorities said.

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Video Mob Scene

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