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  Italian police on Saturday morning  arrested  seven suspected members of a mafia  clan  involved a bloody turf war  in  Adrano,near Catania , accused of  criminal conspiracy, mafia  association, extortion and  possession of weapons

As part of a prosecutors probe into multiple mafia murders  in the area of Adrano, police arrested seven suspected members of the Mazzaglia mafia clan and thwarted two rubouts of rival gangsters

Among the arrested  are two brothers, both  big bosses in the Toscano-Mazzaglia clan, an arm of the Catania clan of  Cosa Nostra   once led by murdered mob boss Benedetto Santapaola, who are accused of  masterminding  gangland murders  and  extortion schemes

During the   arrests, police  seized an arsenal,including Kalashnikov rifles and machine guns, ready for use by the  Mazzaglia mob  in an ongoing   turf war  for control of the rackets in the territory of  Adrano and Catania