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Jerry Capeci  Huffington post-Did the Justice Department just orchestrate a bait-and-switch scam on a gullible, eager-to-believe citizenry?

Six weeks after the feds loudly proclaimed that they are still pursuing mobsters with a vengeance, the FBI has quietly cut the number of New York squads that investigate the notorious Five Families. There used to be five, one for each. That’s been cut to just three. It’s not just re-organizing either. The total number of mob-busting agents is also cut by some 25 per cent, Gang Land has learned.

As a result of changes that began this week, sources say the FBI now has only about 45 agents investigating the ongoing criminal activity of some 700 mobsters and an estimated 7,000 associates of New York’s five Mafia families that operate in the city and surrounding suburbs. Read More  Click here: Jerry Capeci: Six Weeks After Big Bust, FBI Slashes Mob-Busting Agents