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Jurors in James “Whitey” Bulger’s racketeering and murder trial on Thursday were shown machine guns and other weapons from a massive arsenal that authorities say belonged to Bulger and other members of the Winter Hill Gang reported  WCVBtv
Today the Bulger trial centered around two former Boston bookies who testified they were forced to fork over protection payments  to the Bulger gang  for permission to operate
Former  big-league Boston bookie Dick O’brien operated with over 30 agents under him and kicked up to the Patriarca  Angiulo mob in the North End
That is untill Whitey Bulger accompanied  by his cohorts in the Winter Hill  gang  supposedly said to him, ‘you’re with us. ‘If you want to be in business, you’re with us”  reports a story  By Michele  Mcphee, ABC news
Other Boston bookmaker James Katz told jurors Friday he was forced  to turn over customer fees on bets and an additional monthly fee to Bulger’s gang.
Katz himself was indicted in the 1990s and says he initially refused to testify to a grand jury about the gang because he feared for his safety. He eventually testified after prosecutors offered him a reduced sentence and protection