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Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

A federal judge strongly criticized the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office last week for issuing an unlawful gag order to witnesses during its investigation of the mob-linked owners of an Italian restaurant charged with using their Corona, Queens-based eatery to smuggle millions of dollars of cocaine into the U.S. from Costa Rica.

The gag order was in stern language appended to grand jury subpoenas ordering recipients not to disclose the existence of the subpoenas to anyone.

Mr. Capeci writes, Brooklyn Judge Raymond Dearie ripped the prosecutors’ office he headed back in the mid-1980s at a pre-trial session after a defense lawyer stated that for at least nine years prosecutors have been erroneously and illegally informing witnesses that they are not permitted to discuss any grand jury subpoenas that they receive.

Mr Capeci writes,  Dearie told the U.S. Attorney’s office he wanted a report on how long prosecutors have been issuing such “improper” subpoenas and what the office has done to correct the practice. Gang Land News