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Dina Marie Cacace And Grandpa Cacace

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes


Her only connection to the mob is that she was once married to a top gangster. But a 73-year-old Long Island grandma is being accused by her own granddaughter of pulling a “bust-out” like stunt that would make most Mafia Dons proud.

Mr. Capeci writes,  Dina Marie Cacace, 18, claims in court filings that her grandmother – the ex-wife of imprisoned Colombo consigliere Joel (Joe Waverly) Cacace – is scheming to hijack the $400,000 estate of her late father, Joel (JoJo) Cacace Jr., who died of a heart attack at age 44 on New Year’s Day.

The teenager is contesting what her grandma, VitaRose Cacace, asserts is the “last will and testament” of Dina Marie’s dad. The will, dated less than three months before Joel Jr. died suddenly, names his daughter as sole beneficiary.

Mr. Capeci writes, But it puts the assets in a trust controlled by VitaRose for years, with the granddaughter not gaining full access until she is 31. In the meantime, any investments and related expenses are in grandma’s hands.

The will also has a poison pill provision that smacks more of white collar-style crime than the Mafia: It precludes Dina Marie from inheriting anything if she files, and loses, a legal challenge to the will.

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