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The mobster Joseph Gallo was shot in 1972 at Umberto’s Clam House on Mulberry Street. Though the restaurant has moved, the notoriety lives on.

The gangland gundown of gangster Joey Gallo in 1972 at Umbertos Clam House on Mulberry Street still sits high on the list of the mobs most notorious hits. 
 As the short story goes, Gallo was a made man in the Profaci crime family who was on the outs with his boss
Gallo,known as “Crazy Joey” ,was the chief enforcer for the rackets ruled by mafia boss Joe Profaci and he demanded a piece of the action for doing the mob’s heavy lifting  but Profaci refused to give Gallo a cut

Gallo then started his own mob, and a mob war that ended the night he was sucking on Scungilli and clams in Umbertos Clam House.
Gallo and his bodyguard, Pete the Greek Diapoulas,were sitting with their backs to the door when gunmen walked in and whacked him, the Greek was wounded.
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