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Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes,

What’s it like to grow up with an up and coming Mafia boss as your dad? John A. Gotti’s book, Shadow Of My Father, has both intriguing revelations and sober reflections on the trials and tribulations of being the son of the swashbuckling Dapper Don.

Mr. Capeci writes,  On the revelations side, take this never-before-told tale:  While doing time in the 1970s for killing a gangster who was thought to have been part of the kidnap-murder of a nephew of Carlo Gambino, the elder Gotti managed to slip away from a dentist visit to play with the kids in the back yard of their Howard Beach home, Then he slipped away a second time, to whack a second member of the kidnapping plot. Then he quietly returned to prison.

Mr Capeci writes, That’s one story among many that makes the book a worthy read for Mafia buffs. And they’ll enjoy it, too. The book – by the Beach Channel High School dropout who got his diploma from the New York Military Academy at Cornwall-on-Hudson – is well-written.

And the author gives insight into what it was like growing up as the son of a wiseguy who graphically insisted that he would deny robbing a church, even if he was caught with “a steeple sticking out of my ass.”

Mr. Capeci writes,  There are some sour grapes in Shadow Of My Father, though, and the tome leaves a bit of a bad taste. Junior paints himself as a persecuted FBI victim who fought the good fight at four racketeering trials and won.

But he never actually won. In fact, most of his 48 jurors – some 29 of them, by Gang Land’s count – voted to convict. His father won three times, but Junior was never acquitted.

He may have quit the mob, but it was excellent lawyering that got hung juries at four trials – often despite actions by the erstwhile Junior Don, writes Gang Land’s  Jerry Capeci