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John Alite

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

John Alite says he’s “almost embarrassed” for John A (Junior) Gotti by the bizarre online shenanigans that his son and others have been using to slam him on Facebook,

YouTube, as well as in tweets, texts, emails and phone calls to radio stations. Enough! says Alite. He doesn’t want to continue the “childish” sniping that began in January when the mob turncoat ripped Gotti as an insecure “cheap-shot artist” inGotti’s Rules, a book about the former partners-in-crime from Queens.

Mr. Capeci writes,   Then Alite, who promotes himself as a motivational speaker on his website, did just that, tossing an ominous-sounding threat into the angry inferno as well.

“There’s not another gangster in the world who would do this,” Alite told Gang Land in a rapid-fire rant in which he called Gotti a “coward” and a “terrible” father for letting his son cyber-stalk Alite.

Mr. Capeci writes, “He hates me so much that he puts his son in front of me?” he asked incredulously. “How does he know that I’m not going to be a killer again? He’s ratcheting him up, putting a battery pack in him, getting him worked up.

If he runs into me, God forbid, and he comes after me, and I kill this kid because of this nonsense he’s telling him, what does he do then? What’s wrong with him?” Gangland news