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Attorney Joseph JoJo Corozzo outside Federal Court.

 A New York lawyer with family ties to the Gambino mob has been barred from representing an accused cop killer after the feds said he arranged a sitdown to settle a dispute over loanshark payments. by John Marzulli for daily news

Joseph Corozzo, Jr. — the son of reputed Gambino consigliere Joseph (JoJo) Corozzo — is under criminal investigation for his role in setting up the meeting,  disclosed to the feds by former Colombo soldier Sebastian (Sebby) Saracino.

Federal Judge Brian Cogan ruled that the allegations against Corozzo Jr. make it impossible for him to continue representing Colombo gangster Dino (Little Dino) Saracino, charged with killing off-duty NYPD cop Ralph Dols in 1997.

The Saracinos are brothers, and Sebastian may be called to testify against Dino in several hit plots.

In summer 2009, the feds say, Corozzo arranged a meeting between Sebastian Saracino and Colombo capo Theodore (Teddy) Persico to discuss Dino’s loansharking business.

Sebastian Saracino, who was not a snitch at the time, met with Persico at Corozzo’s home, according to court papers.

“Mr. Corozzo waited until both men were present and then excused himself,” court papers state.

Corozzo Jr. has been under federal investigation for years without being charged. Prosecutors have previously alleged he is the “house counsel” for the Gambino crime family and passed messages to and from jailed mobsters.