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Gambino Godfather John Gotti  and  John Travolta

Marc Malkin  says the train wreck known as  Gotti: Three Generations’  is back on track and heading for a brand  new cash stash according  to his exclusive interview with writer/director Barry Levinson. read the story

John Travolta should start working on perfecting a thick New York Mafioso accent.

It sounds like cameras will finally roll on the much talked-about John Gotti movie…

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“I think we’ve got the money sorted out now,” Gotti: Three Generations‘ writer and director Barry Levinson told me last night at BAFTA LA’s Britannia Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. “It’s coming together.”

Travolta is set to star as Gotti, the late Mafia crime boss who was nicknamed “the Teflon Don,” alongside Ben Foster as his son and real-life wife Kelly Preston as his daughter, Victoria.

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