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Kim Kennaugh fourth husband, Ralph Dols, was a cop prosecutors said was murdered by her third spouse, Joel Cacace — who beat the rap in court this week.

The widow of slain NYPD cop Ralph Dols claims she cries for him every day — even though she wouldn’t testify against the mobster charged with killing him.

“It’s not easy being me,” Kim Kennaugh told the Daily News. “My life will never be quality anymore.”

A federal jury Tuesday acquitted Kennaugh’s ex-husband, former Colombo consigliore Joel “Joe Waverly” Cacace, of ordering the cop’s death because he felt disrespected that Dols had dared to marry Kennaugh and have a child with her.

Federal prosecutors wanted the widow to testify, but Kennaugh said she “lawyered” up and would invoke her 5th Amendment right not to answer questions

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