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Union stagehand  scored a  stand-in gangster  gig  as Joe Pesci’s  character Nicky Santoro   in  ” Casino ”


By John L. Smith , Las Vegas Review Journal


Say Tim Redsull’s acting career is as dead as the day it was born. He won’t disagree.

Call him a one-hit wonder. He doesn’t mind.

But what a hit it was.

As he greeted curious visitors during the recent Mob-Con 2014 at Palace Station, the 63-year-old Redsull looked to be in the picture of health. The photos he autographed for fans at the mobster convention told another story entirely.

In those glossies, the guy’s face was a bloody pulp. He appeared to be deceased, which under the circumstances was a good thing.

The pleasant and unassuming Redsull, a union stagehand by trade, was depicted playing the most notorious corpse in Las Vegas mob history on the set of Martin Scorsese’s gangster epic “Casino.”

He was a stand-in — or a lay-down to be more precise — for Joe Pesci’s “Nicky Santoro” character in the movie based on the rise and fall of the Stardust casino during the reign of Frank Rosenthal and Tony Spilotro.

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