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Conn- Lewis

Armando Rea, a little-known Bonanno soldier, just learned what light-heavyweight champ Billy Conn found out nearly 60 years ago when he took on Joe Louis in one of the greatest heavyweight championship fights of all time: “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Rea, who left his Bensonhurst, Brooklyn roots several years ago, was found last week in Las Vegas by FBI agents, who charged him with the gangland-style slaying of a violent Genovese soldier that took place 30 years ago on orders from legendary Mafia boss Vincent (Chin) Gigante. Writes Jerry Capeci, Huffington Post

For starters, Pappa was killed by two shotgun-toting assassins who blew him away when he arrived at the Villa 66 Restaurant, his favorite Brooklyn eatery for a late morning breakfast at 11:20 AM. The restaurant, sources say, was not-so-secretly owned by Frank (Funzuola) Tieri. The powerful gangster was furious that the bloody murder drew extra attention to him as he awaited trial on a racketeering indictment that charged him with being the head of the Genovese clan.   To Read The Rest by Capeci  Click   Here