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Alfred Joseph Fea

Alfred Fea, a reputed Rockland loanshark with ties to the Genovese organized crime family and his wife have been sentenced on Federal charges for running  a massive multimillion-dollar gambling ring . reports

NEW YORK — Husband-and-wife members of a Rockland-based multimillion-dollar gambling ring have been sentenced on federal charges resulting from a county investigation into the organized crime-linked operation.

Alfred Joseph Fea, 46, received a 27-month federal prison sentence while his wife, Tracey Kosierowski-Fea, 42, will serve three years’ probation after the federal judge rejected the recommendation of up to a year in prison from prosecutors.

Alfred Fea’s father, Frank, supplied most of the money for the loan-sharking operation, which involved lending money to people at illegal interest rates, according to court documents filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. read more Click here: Organized crime gambling ring taken down