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A  fugitive loanshark   from the Vesuviun  Fabbroncino clan of the Camorra was captured by Carabinieri  police after four months of running from Italian Justice, reports Ansa News

Domenico “Mimi Cesarano,58, an alleged  racket  boss in the  Fabbroncino clan of the Camorra, was found by police hiding out in a seaside home with his wife

He was on the run avoiding arrest from a conviction for loansharking and racketeering. He was  sentenced to serve 12 years in the slammer

Police say Cesarano  had a reputation as a ruthless loanshark who lived a lavish lifestyle at the expense of  his victims. His villa, cars, and properties were subject to seizure

A month ago another fugitive from the Fabbroncino clan, Franceco  Mature,  was captured hiding in a home in Salerno