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Raymond “Junior” Patriarca is the former boss of the Patriarca crime family.

By: Jim Taricani , turnto10

Not all that long ago, a visitor could casually stroll down Atwells Avenue in Providence, known as “Federal Hill,” and take in the sites, sounds and delicious aromas of this well-known Italian-heritage neighborhood, that is lined with bakeries, fine Italian restaurants, delicatessens and street corners that double as social clubs where neighbors take in the sun, sip cappuccinos and share the latest gossip.

And with just a bit of luck, this visitor could see the leadership of the New England Mafia on full display.

There was Louie “Baby Shacks” Manocchio, the one-time boss of the powerful Patriarca crime family, talking with friends on the sidewalk in front of his apartment, an unassuming place above a laundromat.

And a few blocks north on Atwells Avenue, the visitor could see made Mafia members Edward “Eddie” Lato, Edward Lato, and Alfred “Chippy” Schivola, sitting on a bench just outside of their favorite deli, talking about the beautiful weather, or concocting a mob-backed scheme to make some illegal dough.   read fulll story Click here: I-Team: Fall of the Rhode Island mob | Turn to 10