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Italian police on Wednesday  carried out a crime busting blitz against  41  members of the Misceo-Telegrafo  mafia clan based in Italy’s southern Puglia region,  accused of  criminal association,  attempted  murder, extortion,  drug trafficking, and violent intimidation, reports  Ansa News  

One of the suspects, mafia boss  Umberto Fraddosio – also known as Piccolino’ -or ‘little guy”,  was found Tuesday night hiding  in a hole cut into the floor in his flat, hidden by a plant and a bowl for a dog.

Those arrested allegedly ruled the rackets in Bari  with an iron fist, by  brutal  beatings and  gangland shootings   in broad daylight with weapons designed for war and without covering their faces, as they were certain they would not be arrested.

Intimidation by the Misceo-Telegrafo clan of Bari was documented through wiretaps and shadowing by the Guardia di Finanza and anti-mafia units.

Over 3 million euros in assets were seized at the same time as the arrests including three companies, petrol stations, cars, motorcycles, real estate and insurance policies.

Puglia’s mafia, the Sacra Corona Unita (United Holy Crown) is the fourth and smallest of Italy’s mafias.