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Lentini (Syracuse) – Acting on orders from the Anti-Mafia magistrate of Messina,carabinieri police  conducted a raid on the countryside hideout of two mafia fugitive brothers , capturing one as the other committed suicide

 Police say they surrounded the hidden farmhouse of fugitive mafia leaders   Calogero Mignacca and his brother Vincenzino and shouted at them to surrender before storming into their stocked-with-weapons hideout
Police proceeded to bust  the door down and captured a gun-carrying Calogero Mignacca as his brother Vincenzino blew his brains out in a shocking suicide in a separate room
Both brothers belonged to the mafia clan of Tortorici and  were fugitives for five years and already sentenced to serve life in prison for a string of mafia murders , extortion, and other crimes connected to the Cosa Nostra