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Police in the command of Regio Calabria at dawn delivered a blow against top members and associates  from the ‘Ndrangheta mafia  Zappia Cianci-Maio-Hanoman, and arrested six suspects for extortion and Mafia association

Police acting on orders from anti-mafia magistrates dragged away in handcuffs six suspects  including the blood relatives of an old mob boss running  a mafia driven shakedown racket operating in the territory of San Martino di Taurianova

Prosecutors say a police probe dubbed’ Old Guard’  shed light on a long string of mafia shakdowns that forced  farmers  to pay  protection payments called  “pizzo” by means of mafia threats

The “Old Guard”, allegedly still pulled the strings in the protection racket put in place ages ago by mafiosi who made farmers cough up cash from the fruits of their labor

 The arrested are accused  of mafia  association and extortion by means  of mafia method”