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Italian police  in the Sicilian city of  Palermo  on Tuesday  carried out a crime- busting blitz  against  alleged  members of the Cosa Nostra bossed  by a woman, reports the Local 

Squads of police officers helped by  helicopters and sniffer dogs arrested 25 alleged  members of the mafia families of  San Lorenzo and Resuttana, accused of  mafia association , extortion, and  aiding and receiving stolen goods.

Among those arrested  was Maria Angela Di Trapani, the wife of jailed mafia crime boss Salvino Madonia, who  is suspected of being  the brains  behind the  reorganizing  of  the Sicilian mafia following the death last month  of” Boss of bosses” Toto  Riina

Di Trapani, the daughter of a mafia  fugitive, has already spent seven years in prison for having passed the orders of Madonia from behind bars to the Cosa Nostra  on the outside.

Police said  jailed   bosses who possess powerful seats on the commission   sanctioned  Di Trapani as the acting head of the Madonia  clan  and tasked her with liaising with other clans on the relaunch of Cosa Nostra following Riina’s death.