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mobster Joe Bravo

  Vito Rizzuto crime family enforcer Joe Bravo has the  Canada Border Service Agency worried he will worm his way back into Canada like  he did twice before after being deported to Europe.

Joey Bravo, whose real name is Juan Ramon Paz Fernandez, was deported to Spain in April after his 12-year prison term for conspiring to commit the  murder of drug trafficker  Constantin “Big Gus” Alevizos , a close cohort of gangster  Gaetano Panepinto, a powerful Rizzuto street boss who was whacked in a mafia hit.

Police believe Bravo wants to return to his  lucrative rackets in Montreal,  where he has big loan shark money on the street , drugs,  gaming , and hopes of  working again  with  boss Vito Rizzuto who is due back from a 10 year sentence  in an American prison for his role in three gangland murders 

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