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Mob hit man John Martorano is questioned about his plea agreement in exchange for testifying against former FBI agent John Connolly in Miami in September 2008. (Associated

Former  deputy district attorney  Matt Connolly  delves  deep into the history of  Whitey Bulger and Boston mobsters like John Martorano and Stevie Flemmi   involved with the Winter hill gang and the New England Mafia.

By Matt Connolly

I began writing about Billy Bulger on Sunday. Before going on, I want to discuss two things that are important to know when judging Billy. First, we should know the characters that are part of his story; and, we should judge him and his actions by what was known in the past and not by what we know now.

Knowing about the background of characters who are involved permits you to make a more informed decision about the person’s veracity and to better judge a person’s actions. Read The Rest Here on the Patriot Ledger