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Armen Kazarian , an Armenian mafia Crime Boss

Armen Kazarian , an Armenian mafia Crime Boss

Armen Kazarian , an Armenian mafia “shot caller” who was facing a life sentence for a massive mob backed medicare fraud scheme  has scored a short and sweet sentence in Manhattan federal court.

Kazarian was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Paul G. Gardephe to 37 measly months in prison for his role as the ringleader of a  $100 million Medicare fraud billing racket

He pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy back in July 2011 after securing a sweetheart deal from “Uncle Sam”.

According to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara,  Armen Kazarian sat in a top seat of the Mirzoyan-Terdjanian Armenian-American organized crime family.

Kazarian was a “Vor,” a term translated as “Thief-in-Law, who was paid tribute by other gangster groups operating under his powerful protection 

In addition to the prison term, Judge Gardephe sentenced Kazarian, 47, of Glendale, California, to three years of supervised release. He was also ordered to pay a $60,000 fine.