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The judges of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Caltanissetta on Friday informed the mother of the Fugitive Cosa Nostra  boss Matteo Messina Denaro,of a request for indictment charged to her son

The first preliminary hearing is scheduled on December 22 before the  Caltanissetta  court, and he, Messina Denaro, obviously will  not be present at ‘appeal.

According to the indictment,  two mafia informants made statements to  Anti-Mafia prosecutors in which they described in detail  Matteo Messina Denaro’s  deep  involvement  in the mafia ordered massacres of 92   in which leading anti-Mafia Magistrate Giovanni Falcone  was murdered, and his colleague  Paolo Borsellino was  murdered  57 days  later by a car bomb placed by  the mafia

According to investigators,  over the last few months of 1991, Mafia boss Totò Riina met several times with his trusted  protégé Messina Denaro, 29,  not yet a  fugitive, reported  directly to Riina in Rome, and became part of a  private group created by the boss to organize an attack on Falcone in Rome

According to a mafia informant, Messina  Denaro was seen  in a car equipped as an arsenal and full of pistols and Kalashnikovs that was  headed to Rome  but the  project to kill Falcone was later modified and perpetrated along the ‘highway between the airport and the city of Palermo.