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Sicilian Mafia associate Michele Aiello

Michele Aiello, a Sicilian entrepreneur serving a 15 year sentence for Mafia association was let go from prison because he was allergic to beans and other foods forced on jailbirds locked up in the slammer
 Aiello scored a sympathetic judge at a special hearing who gave him a year of comfortable house arrest after seeing strong documentation from his lawyers supporting  his claim of sickness
 Michele Aiello had been arrested for laundering money for the Mafia “boss of bosses” Bernado Provenzano. His  illegal  holdings were hidden among Aiello’s many businesses. Provenzano had even partnered with the entrepreneur in various legitimate  investments.
 Anti-mafia prosecutors said the pair of pals were so close that Aiello was Provenzano’s alter ego.  Bernado Provenzano was captured   in a shepherds cottage after  four decades on the run  
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