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Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin star in Midnight Run (1988–R).

by George Anastasia, Glen Macnow

This is The Odd Couple on the run from the mob.

And it works primarily—if not entirely—because of the pairing of Robert De Niro, as bounty hunter Jack Walsh, and Charles Grodin, as the nerdy accountant Jonathan “the Duke” Mardukas. The story line is outrageous and the twists and turns along the way consistently challenge our credulity. But De Niro and Grodin are so good together that we happily go along for the ride.

Director Martin Brest took a screenplay from George Gallo and was smart enough to let the actors run with it. Some of the best scenes are built around their improvisations. The “litmus configuration” routine, which Walsh and the Duke use to scam a bartender out of a stack of $20 bills so that the broke duo can continue their journey, came out of the heads of the actors. Read Rest Here on California Literary review