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Mafia Drug boss Mityo Ochite (“Eyes”) (middle) will be jailed for 18 more months. Photo by BGNES

 Bulgarian mafia crime boss  Dimitar Zhelyazkov jail sentence will be extended by 18 months according to a ruling  by Bulgaria’s Supreme Court of Cassation.

Back in April 2011, the Burgas Appellage Court satisfied the Prosecutor’s Office demand that Bulgarian Mob drug boss Dimitar Zhelyazkov, aka Mityo Ochite (i.e. the Eyes), serve 18 more months in jail.

By demanding that Zhelyazkov serve more time in jail, the Prosecutor’s Office has practically abrogated its agreement with the defendant.

In 2008, Zhelyazkov was sentenced to 4 years and 10 months for heading an organized crime group specializing in drug distribution on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. His sentence was below the minimum stipulated by law because he made an arrangement with the prosecution to plead guilty.  To read more  Click here: Bulgaria: Supreme Court Seals Bulgarian Mafia Boss’s Jail Term Extension – – Sofia News Agency