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Displaying a tattoo of her late husband Rocco is Danielle Romanoff-Maniscalco (center), with her kids.
ROCCO MANISCALCO, nephew of the late notorious mobster Harry “The Hunchback” Riccobene  had reason to wear a bulletproof vest. Two reasons, actually.

The South Philly auto-body-shop owner was a bookie on the side, and he was tangling with a trio of drug dealers who refused to pay on a $60,000 sports bet, according to his family. They were threatening violence if he didn’t back off.

And the mob was trying to shake him down for “protection money” that he didn’t intend to pay, his sister says.

For five months beginning in late 2009, Maniscalco, 38, stayed close to his Wolf Street home, donning the bulletproof vest and cloaking himself in hoodies when he ventured out – or sometimes sleeping elsewhere to throw off spies he’d seen watching him.

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