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A reputed crime boss with a big reputation as overlord of the drug rackets in Milan was murdered mafia- style— just a few short days after his  brother and driver were gunned down dead in the district of  Quarto Oggiaro
Pasquale Tatone, 54, believed to be the boss of a mafia dug gang connected to the Camorra was ambushed and assassinated while he was sitting in his car by a man on a motorbike who fired three shotgun slugs into his head and chest and sped away
Tatone was found slumped over the steering wheel of  his car which was parked in front of a local pizza parlor he had just left   Police say all three men were murdered  in rival mob rubouts
But newspapers, including La Repubblica, have reported investigators’ suspicions that someone or some group wanted to eliminate the Tatone family, which has controlled the lucrative drug trade in the area for many years.
Read the story by  Michael Day ,  the Independent