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There are also details of how Gandolfini handed out $33,000 to all the regular cast members when he got a raise. Steve Schirripa, far right, was overwhelmed and said it was ‘like buying everybody and SUV’

The frustrated fans of  the HBO hit series  The Sopranos” aren’t the only ones miffed at the mind-boggling ending  episode of the sensational mob saga  , even Tony Soprano himself, actor James Gondolfini  said” he first  thought,    f***?’  ” ? read the story

By Daily Mail Reporter

It was the ending that left fans confused, baffled and outraged.

But now even James Gondofini, the actor who played Tony Soprano in the hit TV series The Sopranos, has admitted he did not like it either.

The actor said that when the screen suddenly went black as he sits down to dinner with his family he thought: ‘What the f***?’
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