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SLAIN gangland figure Des “Tuppence” Moran didn’t leave a cent from his $780,000 estate to sister-in-law Judy Moran. Instead he left everything — including property, a harness racer, jewellery and a $150,000 life insurance policy — to a new generation of Morans.

The beneficiaries of the estate are his brother’s grandchildren — the children of Mark and Jason Moran, who also lost their lives in the bloody gangland war.

The will document, seen by the Herald Sun, lists Desmond Herbert Moran as a “slaughterman/butcher” and shows he had $782,705 at the time of his death, including a share in harness racer Tarleton Lee.

But part of the will — including an affidavit from the homicide detective leading the case — has been kept secret.

The Supreme Court’s Justice David Beach ordered it be placed “in a sealed envelope marked ‘Not to be opened without the order of a judge’.”

It is believed the move is to protect the murder investigation and prevent tampering with Moran’s will.

As the Moran legacy mystery deepens and questions remain about rumours of missing millions, the Herald Sun can reveal up to a dozen other gangland figures left wills worth almost $6 million.

Des Moran, 61, who never married, was shot dead at an Ascot Vale delicatessen on June 15 last year.

His brother Lewis was shot dead in 2004.

Lewis’s estranged partner Judy Moran, along with Sue Kane and her partner Geoffrey “Nuts” Armour and Michael Farrugia have been charged over the murder of Des Moran.

Tuppence’s death certificate lists his cause of death as “gunshot injury to the head and the chest”. The executor of his estate is named as racing identity Adrian Donald Jones.

In the will documents now available, Tuppence’s assets include:

HIS Ascot Vale home, conservatively valued in the documents at $500,000.

$1000 in cash.

A COMMONWEALTH Bank account worth $218.37.

A MERCEDES Benz, 1992 model, valued at $6000.

FURNITURE and household goods valued at $5000.

JEWELLERY valued at $18,487.50.

A ONE-THIRD interest in the harness racer Tarleton Lee, valued at $2000.

AN INTEREST in his dead brother Lewis Moran’s estate, valued at $100,000.

A COLONIAL Mutual Life Assurance policy, through CommInsure, valued at $150,000.

Tuppence Moran signed his will on May 24, 2004 — six weeks after his brother was murdered.

Not mentioned in the available documents is any reference to an alleged fortune.

It is said to have been generated through illegal abortion and gambling rackets passed down through the Moran clan from Lewis and Des’s mother, Belle.