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Alex Yaari, centre, is escorted in handcuffs after arriving at Pearson International Airport in October 1992, charged with murder and robbery in the slaying of a local jeweller. He remains under suspicion in the 1989 death of a Paris art dealer in Moscow.

By Peter Edwards, Toronto Star  

The last time he was seen alive, Parisian art dealer Garabed (Garig) Basmadjian, was stepping from a Moscow hotel near the Kremlin into a waiting car on July 29, 1989.

Not long after that, Moscow police discovered his blood-spattered Mercedes and, shortly afterwards, they were hearing stories of how his body had been chopped into bits and spread about a mountainous area outside the city.

A prime suspect in his murder has always been former GTA boxing coach Alex Yaari (a.k.a. Alexander Sergeevich Podlesnyi), a convicted killer considered by Canadian police to be an early member of the Russian Mafia — or Mafiye — in North America.

“I believe that he was deeply connected with Russian organized crime in the Toronto area, New York City and Israel,” former Toronto Police deputy chief Steve Reesor says.

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