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 The FBI’s use of  mob informants  James “Whitey” Bulger and Mafia Captain  Mark Rosetti has sparked a big  scandal  about how the Boston based FBI agents allegedly cut deals with gangland killers who still  murdered while they were working as undercover mob moles.  read MY Fox Boston with Video

FOX 25 / – Murderers, con men, and thieves are just some of the people our government is paying to help fight crime, trading information in exchange for money or lighter sentences.

But some say the public is losing out as informants game the system, continuing to commit crimes while exerting too much control over government investigations.

One expert says Ronald Dardinski typifies the kind of career criminal that can dangerous to use as informants. His 17-page criminal record paints a picture of a career con man with convictions for larceny, forgery and other charges, dating back to 1985. His long record of lying for profit hasn’t stopped the government from repeatedly turning to him to help fight crime read more  Here