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Italian police  on Monday crushed a Camorra crime syndicate  active in the rackets in the region of  Maddaloni, and arrested 34 alleged affiliates of clan  Belforte for multiple mafia crimes,reports

State Police,  coordinated by the Anti-Mafia Prosecutor of Naples,dragged away in handcuffs 34 suspects supposedly affiliated  with the Camorra clan Belforte Marcianise, accused of extortion, mafia association, and other crimes committed by mafia method

A probe by prosecutors and police  in  Caserta aimed at the Belforte mob of the Camorra , revealed a  rapacious extortion racket targeting  traders and  merchants in the area of Maddaloni.

Also among the  many extortion victims were  the owners of a company awarded  two million euros for the construction of a church  parish in Maddaloni

The accused are strongly suspected  of involvement in mafia association, extortion by mafia method,  and crimes involving weapons and drug sales