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Frankie (Blue Eyes) Sparaco

Jerry Capeci writes for the Huffington post about  top-notch triggerman for the Colombo Crime Family, Frank (Frankie Blue Eyes) Sparaco , who after 17 years in prison, put on his mob-rat-hat, and flipped to Federal fink. Frank Sparaco always excelled as an  enforcer, but to one ripe sucker he proved his prowess as a street smart swindler. He raked Republican Rep. John LeBoutillier aka The Boot over-the-coals for some serious cash in a bogus and bizarre scam involving fake information from the Russian Mafia. 

by Capeci

Every now and again Gang Land learns of a scam that makes it tough to decide whether to cheer for the perp or the victim. This one’s a prime example: A Harvard graduate who is an heir to the Vanderbilt and Whitney fortunes got taken to the cleaners for more than $800,000 by a wannabe wiseguy from Brooklyn who never made it out of grammar school.

It turns out that for all his book learning and upper crust upbringing, John LeBoutillier was the perfect mark for longtime Colombo family associate and convicted murderer, Frank (Frankie Blue Eyes) Sparaco.

The Boot, as he called himself when he was swept into Congress on the coattails of Ronald Reagan in 1980 as a 28-year-old hotshot from Nassau County, always knew it all. Voters quickly saw their mistake, and bounced him two years later. But the conservative pundit, who still calls himself the Boot, has never looked back, or doubted himself, even when he should have. To read more  Click here: Jerry Capeci: Mob Jailbird Fleeces Harvard Grad for $800,000 in POW Scam