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Italian police on Tuesday night  captured  a dangerous mafia fugitive wanted  for a gangland  gun down  murder of a mob boss  in 2012

Police  dragged away in handcuffs, Daniele Lamanna, 40, a reputed  mafia member ,  wanted for his role in the gangland  rubout of  Luca Bruni,  a boss in the ‘Ndrangheta  Cosenza  clan of gypsies, who was gunned down dead  in 2012, after his release from prison

Lamanna  was  on the run for over a year,  he was captured packing two pistols,  at a deserted apartment on the outskirts of Cosenza

According to authorities, Luca Bruni wanted  to take back control of   the  rackets  in Cosenza after his release for prison,instead,  the new  regime had him rubbed out in  a bullet-riddled  hit

Investigators say Lamanna was fingered  by a mob rat as the shooter in the hit, along with two accomplices , whom were already arrested. He is charged with murder and concealing a corpse