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Italian police in the province of Catanzaro on Friday carried out a crime- busting blitz against  the  ‘Ndrangheta mafia operating   in  the city  of Lamezia Terme

Police dragged away in handcuffs, 12  alleged members of   the  ‘Ndrangheta Giampà clan , accused  of mafia association, extortion and acts  of intimidation with explosives

According to investigators, the suspects are new generation of leaders of the  same faction , who  were   striving  to strengthen finances and  resurrect the  weakened  ranks  of   the organization

The new chiefs in charge   ordered vicious  acts  of intimidation  in the extortion of  entrepreneurs, and in one instance, had a  bomb placed near the entrance  gate of the villa of an  entrepreneur, whom they extorted  for  a  100 thousand euros

Some money from the rapacious  extortion racket  was set  aside for  the families of detained  members  of the Giampà clan