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Italian Police on Monday seized assets worth a whopping 215 million euros  between  Calabria and Campania  from a businessman believed  to be linked to a  powerful ‘Ndrangheta mafia family based in Gioia Tauro, Calabria,reports Ansa News 

Police seized  shares of 6 companies, 85 real estate properties, 42 financial ties and cash worth almost 700,000 euros  belonging to  Alfonso Annunziata,  considered close and in cahoots with the capo’s of the  Piromalli clan of the Calabrian mafia or ‘Ndrangheta

According to investigators ,  the  economic and criminal ties between the businessman  and the ‘Ndrangheta   Piromalli  clan had emerged during an inquiry that showed an enormous difference between the man’s assets and the income he declared to tax authorities.

Annunziata  was arrested in 2015  for participation in  a mafia-related criminal organization as part of Operation Bucefalo in which  the largest shopping center in Calabria was seized

The operation  targeted  top capo’s  of  the  Piromalli clan and their infiltration into seemingly legitimate  businesses between Calabria and Campania