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Spanish and Italian police on Tuesday teamed up to  arrest  26 members of the Camorra mafia accused of laundering dirty drug money through companies in Spain and Italy and trafficking in cocaine,reports El Pais

A police task force carried out crushing raids in Madrid, Tarragona and Málaga, and  arrested 26 alleged members of Camorra  clans, Aprea and Norelli,accused of transporting cocaine from Colombia to Naples through the ports of Algeciras and Tarragon

Camorra drug gangs  based in Spain supposedly laundered the takings of drug trafficking  through bars and restaurants and real estate in Spain and some businesses in Italy and allegedly supplied cocaine to drug  dealers in Naples and across Europe

Since 2009, the Italian  Neapolitan Camorra  have  been targeted  by the Spanish police, who claim  the  Camorra  settled in Spain to  operate an  international drug organization.

Spanish police dismantled the drug organization  of  the powerful Polverino clan of the Camorra in 2013.  Italian police in 2013  busted  up  a  Camorra  cell  who were supplying Italy  with large quantities of cocaine coming from Colombia


The arrested  and  accused today  are charged with money-laundering, drug-trafficking ,and membership in a mafia organization