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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Whitey Bulger is taken from a Coast Guard helicopter last June to an awaiting sheriff

By Howie Carr, Boston Herald

 Whitey Bulger really had a get-out-of-jail free card from the feds, why did he spend 16 years holed up in that crummy apartment in Santa Monica?

I know, he was afraid of In Town — the Mafia. You know, fearsome gunsels like the Cheeseman and the Saint and somebody named “Chipper.”

It’s ridiculous, of course. Even assuming Whitey had somebody on Hanover Street to worry about, that’s what they made the Witness Protection Program for. Are you telling me Whitey would have objected to having to use an alias to visit all of his safe-deposit boxes, only five of which they’ve found so far, by the way.  read more  Here