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Bingy Arillotta

NEW YORK — Flipped to the feds mob rat  Anthony Arillotta told jurors in an ongoing murder trial in Manhatten federal court that he and defendant Emilio Fusco toasted the brutal killing of a police informant in 2003 with cognacs and celebrated their new found kinship with a hug.

By Stephanie Barry, The Republican

“It was like a gesture that we had just accomplished something. We were like brothers,” Arillotta, a mob soldier-turned-prosecution witness testified in U.S. District Court on Wednesday.

Fusco, 43, of Longmeadow, is standing trial for the murder of street thug and police informant Gary D. Westerman, in addition to a murder conspiracy against Springfield mob boss Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno the same year. Fusco also stands accused of racketeering, drug dealing and extortion as a “made member” of the New York-based Genovese crime family. He had denied the allegations against him. read more  Here