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Johnny Depp as Donnie Brasco

Joe Pistone, the FBI undercover agent who infiltrated the Bonanno Crime Family in New York as mob associate Donnie Brasco is expected to  testify as a witness at Quebec’s inquiry into construction industry corruption.according to a media report Wednesday
Pistone’s undercover  exploits were the subject of  the film “Donnie Brasco” which starred Johnny Depp and Al Pacino
A faction of the Bonanno Crime Family  has allegedly morphed into the Mafia in Montreal  bossed by Vito Rizzuto who is connected with mob murders included  in the Donnie Brasco movie

Radio-Canada reported that after Pistone, two organized  crime experts are slated to testify: Carlo Morselli, and Valentina Tenti. read the story by CTV News