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”Nicky Skins” Stefanelli


Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci writes

Genovese family gangster Edward Cobb did everything he could to avoid doing time. First, he double-crossed the mob, and helped the feds nail a powerful family capo, among others.

Then he scammed the judge, the feds and even his own lawyer by manufacturing bogus medical evidence indicating he was dying of cancer.

Mr. Capeci writes,  When the scam unraveled, Cobb, a former Naval Commander, came up with one last way to beat the rap: He leaped to his death from atop a roof-top garage.

“It was amazing how he was able to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes,” said one law enforcement official. “He forged signatures and created phony laboratory reports that passed muster with everyone,” the official added.

Mr. Capeci writes, Cobb, 58, was the second mob turncoat who wore a wire for the Newark FBI to commit suicide since 2012. Gambino soldier Nicholas (Nicky Skins) Stefanelli used a drug overdose to kill himself.

Mr. Capeci writes, Several law enforcement officials say that in hindsight, it appears that, unlike Stefanelli, who planned to take his own life at the outset and to never testify against the mob, Cobb most likely made his fatal decision years after he was arrested and agreed to cooperate in 2004. Gang Land news