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  Three members of the Nirta-Strangio clan of the Calabrian Mafia  connected to a notorious mob masssacre of the the Pelle-Vottari clan  in Duisburg, Germany  have been released from prison in Italy due to a technicality and a fourth man has escaped while receiving treatment at a hospital, according to reports 

  German public broadcaster ARD network reported Tuesday evening that a judge failed to produce a written document related to the three men’s convictions within a prescribed time period meaning they had to be released according to Italian law.

The fourth man was sentenced to 13 years in prison for helping organise the 2006 murder of Maria Strangio, the wife of a ‘Ndrangheta mafia member. The man had been placed under house arrest due to poor health but escaped during a hospital stay, ARD said.

Strangio’s murder is said to have provoked the 2007 killing of six mafia members outside a Duisburg pizzeria.  read moreClick here: Mafiosi tied to Duisburg massacre out of prison – The Local 

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