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ANSA) – Rome, October 18 – In what Italian police are calling a case of mistaken identity, Pasquale Romano was gunned down dead  in his car from a barrage of  bullets after leaving his girlfriends house  near a  Naples suburb
Police claim  the 30-year-old Romano died instantly after a gunman fired fourteen shots at him. The murdered man  had a clean record and apparently no connection to organized crime say investigators who think it was a  mob hit on the wrong man.
 The ambush took place in Marianella, between Chiaiano and Scampia, in a neighborhood where a Camorra mafia feud exploded a  few nights ago, and  27-year-old Mario Perrotta was killed  by the same mafia  method while parking his car.
  Pasquale Romano’s  parents  believe their son was  caught in the middle of a Naples Camorra mafia war and called on the Italian government Thursday for safety and justice reported Ansa news