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A special swat squad of Carabinieri  police on Thursday  carried out a crime busting blitz dismantling a Ndrangheta drug gang  dedicated to trafficking in cocaine,  marijuana and hashish. reports Reppublica

Squads of Police using sniffer dogs seized  110 kilos of drugs,and high-powered weapons, and  arrested 19 suspected members of the  Cosenza based Perna clan of the Ndrangheta mafia

Among those arrested  was Marco Perna, son of jailed for life gangland godfather Franco  Perna , who headed the clan and ruled the  rackets in Cosenza using vicious  mafia muscle

According to police, Marco Perna took over as  boss of the clan after the arrest of his feared and revered father,and gave new  life to a  network of  Ndrangheta drug dealers  positioned  in  shopping  centers  in Cosenza, who sold cocaine,  marijuana and hashish

The suspects  are charged with drug trafficking and possession of illegal weapons,  made worse by involvement of the mafia