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MOB MAYHEM: Thomas Gioeli (left) and Dino  Saracino are on trial in Brooklyn for murder.

He made killing “traitors” his specialty — and his Mafia bosses rewarded him handsomely.

Brooklyn-  As two factions of the Colombo crime family battled for control in the 1990s, street boss Thomas Gioeli “developed a crew of professional killers” to ward off insurgents, “committing murder and getting away with it,” prosecutor Christina Posa told a Brooklyn federal jury yesterday writes Mitchel Maddux NY Post

Gioeli — known as “Tommy Shots” — took “the bosses’ side,” and “that meant eliminating traitors,” Posa said in her opening statement at the murder racketeering trial of Gioeli and one of his accused henchmen, Dino Saracino

In the destructive, bloody free-for-all that followed, Gioeli proved his loyalty to the old regime by orchestrating a series of mob hits — truly “horrific acts,” the prosecutor said.

Gioeli, 59, and Colombo soldier Saracino, 39, known as “Little Dino,” a reputed member of the hit squad Gioeli recruited, went on trial yesterday for a total of six murders. They also face a slew of racketeering, extortion and other charges.

Amid the climate of suspicion and insecurity fueled by the Colombos’ civil war, the family’s leadership decided one of its highest-ranking mobsters had to go, prosecutors said.

Underboss William “Wild Bill” Cutolo “posed a threat” because he was “wealthy and powerful,” and the family’s leadership thought he might make a move to take over the family, prosecutors said.

So on May 26, 1999, Cutolo was lured to Saracino’s basement apartment in Bensonhurst, where a revolver was placed against his temple and a single shot fired, prosecutors said.

Gioeli had enlisted his hit squad to carry out Cutolo’s murder, and Saracino was front and center, the feds say.   Read more:  Here