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Caserta –  Acting on orders of Anti-Mafia magistrates in Naples , police in Caserta carried out the arrest of six suspects connected to the Casalesi clan of the Camorra

 Police say they dragged away in handcuffs six hoodlums as part of a high-  powered operation dubbed “Bad Boys”– for allegedly forcing  five shop owners to purchase high-priced stationary and other items by means of mafia method

The mafia enforcers collected cash amounting to 10 thousand euros by extortion and  are  allegedly responsible for a robbery at a bar in Casal di Principe.

Police say the men commited the bar caper to show shop owners they ruled the extortion rackets in the region for the Schiavone faction of the Camorra Casalsi clan

Authorities claim a brave businessman came forward and fingered the mobsters to police  . The accused are charged with  crimes of extortion,and robbery,  made worse by mafia method